Since representing the balance between traditional dichotomies and dualities is the integral part of the concept, Blame designs encapsulate a measured study of proportion – maintaining a focus on the juxtaposition of rough and refined. A consistent and intensive human self-reflection is what inspires the designer and takes the brand to a constant experimentation. 
Blame crosses the paradigm between masculinity and femininity, giving a gender blurring aesthetic. There is distinctive attention for utilitarianism and functionality, whilst maintaining a strong connection to urban roots. Blame traces through a linear language, the irreverence of a being who is opposed to the established and restates its purpose in the universe. 
Strict design is being disrupted by using rough edges as well as the smooth ones. The Selection of modern and classic fabrics and materials, using accurate handmade finishings, has in influence on the silhouette. Each element in garments is created with balanced and deep sense and performed with a meticulous attitude for visible and hidden details made through numberless techniques
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